Learn Periodic Table With Mnemonics, Atomic Table Trick

Let’s learn Periodic Table 

Atomic Table: As you may know that periodic table is a very important topic to be covered for exams. Each year JEE Mains & Advance paper have some questions from the Periodic Table and it is also the base of chemistry. So to get good marks in chemistry, Periodic Table is a must topic for students to learn.

Learn Periodic Table With Mnemonics, Periodic Table Trick

Now many students don’t know how to learn this table because there are 118 elements in it. So there is a thing called Mnemonics, It is a word, sentence or poem used to help remember a rule, name, etc. So by using the Hindi language we will use some mnemonics to remember this table.

S Block 

Group 1 – Alkali Metals

  • H
  • Li
  • Na
  • K
  • Rb
  • Cs
  • Fr
Halina Ki Rab Se Fariyad
Group 2 – Alkaline Earth Metals
  • Be
  • Mg
  • Ca
  • Sr
  • Ba
  • Ra

Beta Mange Car Scooter Baap Raazi

P Block

Group 13 – Boron Family

  • B
  • Al
  • Ga
  • In
  • Ti
Bagan Aloo Gajar In Thaila
Group 14 – Carbon Family
  • C
  • Si
  • Ge
  • Sn
  • Pb
Cute Si Geeta Sneha Prabha
Group 15 – Pnictogen
  • N
  • P
  • As
  • Sb
  • Bi
N Pee Aise Sbke Biech
Group 16 – Chalcogens
  • O
  • S
  • Se
  • Ti
  • Po
O Style Se Ti Po
Group 17 – Halogens
  • F
  • Cl
  • Br
  • I
  • At
Fhir Cal Bahar I Aunty
Group 18 – Noble Gases
  • He
  • Ne
  • Ar
  • Kr
  • Xe
  • Rn
Hena Neena Aur Kreena Xray Rngeen
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